Frequently Asked Questions

Can participants speak to each other before the leader has dialled in? 

No. Participants who dial in before the leader has done so are placed on hold and will hear background music. They cannot hear each other and do not know who else is waiting. As soon as the leader dials in and opens the meeting, everyone is connected simultaneously.

How do I record my conference call?

Only the leader can initiate the recording and does so by pressing *2 on his telephone keypad. All participants will hear a recorded message to the effect that proceedings are being recorded, either when the leader starts the recording or when they join the conference call.

Can one access a Free Phone dial-in number using a mobile phone?

Possibly. Pro Conference always recommends that anyone using a mobile phone should dial one of their nearest local access dial-in numbers. Free Phone numbers are blocked for mobile phone users due to the high costs.

Is prior reservation required?

No. Once you have activated your account, you can use our services at any time, day or night (24/7).

I am the leader of the meeting, but when I enter my leader code I am put on hold and hear music. What have I done wrong?

When the system asks for your leader code, you must enter the digits followed by a ‘#’. If you do not, you will be put on hold. If this happens, press ‘*’ to identify yourself as the leader. You will then be asked for the leader code again. Don’t forget the ‘#’ this time! Press 1 to begin the conference call immediately, or press 2 to hear the menu options.

I can hear buzzing, music, an echo or other interference during the conference call. What should I do?

Extraneous background noise can be due to various reasons. One of the most common ones is that one or more users are using their (mobile) phones in speaker mode. Another common cause is that one participant has a ‘bad line’ (poor quality phone connection).

As leader, you can ask the other participants to:

  • Pick up the receiver and switch off speaker mode 
  • Use a landline rather than a mobile phone, if possible 
  • Hang up and re-join the call by following the dial-in procedure again. 

Anyone experiencing local interference or excess background noise can mute their own microphone by pressing *6. To re-join the conversation, they should press #6.

If you require further assistance, press *0 to contact the Support team.

What happens if the leader forgets to dial #99 to conclude the call?

In most cases, this will not be a problem. Very occasionally, some connections can remain active even after the other participants have left the call. For security reasons, we advise the leader to use the #99 key combination to ensure that the conference call is indeed concluded.

How many people can I invite to take part in a conference call?

The leader can invite up to 125 people using a standard account. This limit can be increased on request. A conference call with an even greater number of participants is also possible: we term this an Event Call, which is always managed in real time by our Customer Service team. 

What should I do if I have lost or forgotten the leader PIN?

Contact your local account manager or email. We will check that you are indeed registered as an authorized leader of conference calls and, if so, will send you a reminder or reset the leader PIN. You can also ask us to do so using the button on the homepage. 

If the leader hangs up, are all other participants disconnected?

No. Unless the leader dials #99 before hanging up, all other connections will remain open and participants can continue the conversation.

My current provider uses the same PIN code for all participants, including the leader (‘chair’). Does Pro Conference do that too?

No. The chairman is given a unique leader PIN. All other participants connect using the dial-in number and then enter the Conference Code they have been sent by the leader.