Web conferencing

Web conferencing allows you to give an online presentation to customers, staff or partners for a extremely competitive price per minute per participant. You can share documents and even demonstrate software on a remote computer.

Your business partners may be in another city or on the other side of the world. It really doesn’t matter. With web conferencing, distance is no obstacle provided there is a telephone connection and/or internet access.

If you merely wish to hold a discussion (with no presentation), an audio-only conference call may be the best solution.

What our web conferencing tool offers

No special software

You can set up a web conference as soon as you have obtained the necessary log-in information. Simply send all invitees an email which includes a link to our web conferencing site. You can start to give presentations and share documents almost immediately.


VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. It is a technology for the delivery of telephone calls and other communications over the internet rather than the old-fashioned copper telephone lines.

Meeting assessment

If you wish to gauge the participants’ opinions about your (web) conference, you can use the ‘quick survey’ feature which gives instant feedback.

Visual support

This tool enables you to see your audience during the web conference. All you need is a simple webcam, which is considerably less expensive than a dedicated video conferencing system.

Application sharing


Suppose you are discussing the contents of a document. One of the participants in your web conference has special knowledge of the topic and wishes to make some changes. With one click of the mouse, you can give him full control of the document on your computer. As leader, you remain in control at all times.


Financially attractive


Our web conferencing services are straightforward in both use and administration. You receive a fully specified, transparent invoice. You can opt to pay by the minute or on a per-licence basis. If you wish, we will provide instructions or free training for your administrative staff.

Web conferencing uses

  • Training sessions
  • Product launches
  • Sales presentations
  • Announcements
  • Presentation of financial results

Web conferencing Advantages 

  • Reduced travel costs (and time)
  • Quicker decision-making
  • More frequent customer contact
  • Everyone has access to a virtual conference room
  • Available 24 hours a day.

Features and functionality

  • Full integration with Outlook & Lotus Notes
  • Sessions can be recorded and played back later
  • Whiteboard, quick survey and polling
  • Integration with Microsoft Communication Server