Online conferencing - the most efficient customer contact solution

Many companies are keen to maintain regular contact with their customers but wish to keep travel expenses within bounds. ‘Teleconferencing’ is the ideal solution, as a growing number of companies with an international clientele have discovered. Pro Conference offers a convenient and extremely cost-effective way of maintaining your important business contacts.

Efficiency in preparation and execution

Online conferencing with Pro Conference offers many advantages. No special software is required, for instance. All you need to open the meeting is a PIN code. If you wish, participants can see each other and collaborate in real time, at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated video-conferencing system.

Information exchange 2.0

Perhaps the most valuable feature of our conferencing service is the option of sharing applications with your meeting partners. All can be given access to documents, presentations or specialist in-house software. You can share information during the meeting itself rather than sending a string of emails back and forth with comments and updates. And if you use Microsoft Outlook, you can integrate your account with our online meeting tool to make sharing information even more efficient.