Local Access  or Free Phone: what is the difference?

It is important to note that there is a difference between the ‘Local Access’ dial-in numbers and the ‘Free Phone’ numbers.

Free Phone

A Free Phone number is more expensive for the meeting leader (‘chair’) but free for all other participants who join the conference call with this number from a fixed line.

If you give a participants a Free Phone number, you will pay their telephone costs in the country concerned. This allows them to take part in the meeting at absolutely no cost to themselves.

Local Access

If you provide a local number to your participants for joining your call, the cost is not a national or international number but a local call charge (this is usually around 50% of the national call) and the most cost effective way to join conference calls.

When is a Free Phone number most useful?

A Free Phone number will often be the best option if you wish to invite a customer or other important business contact to take part in a conference call. You should always decide which type of dial-in number will best meet your needs before you send invitations to the meeting participants.

Please note: It is often not possible to access the Free Phone numbers from a mobile device. When you can these are often not free and can incur significant call charges from your provider of your mobile service.