Setup a Conference Call

You wish to make the right decisions for your company, and that entails consultation with colleagues and experts. Discussions, meetings and brainstorming sessions play a crucial role in your business operations. However, you must also ensure that your resources are used as efficiently as possible. You wish to reduce outgoings on travel and accommodation. You do not want to spend vast amounts hiring conference halls or meeting rooms.

Our teleconferencing services are the solution. They allow you to organise highly efficient and productive meetings at a fraction of the cost of a ‘real-world’ meeting. Pro Conference offer a wide range of state-of-the-art features and facilities, all of which are extremely easy to use and require no special technical ability.

Whether you use Pro Conference services every day or just now and again, we will strive to meet your every requirement. We guarantee it.

Setting up a conference call

  1. Complete the online registration form to create an account. You will then receive an automated email with instructions, participant PIN codes, a ‘leader code’ and a list of all dial-in telephone numbers worldwide.

  2. As leader of the conference call, you send invitations to all other participants. At the agreed time, everyone calls the dial-in number in their own country and enters the PIN code which you have given them. If you have not yet dialled in and entered your leader code, they will be placed on hold and will hear only recorded music until you do. This ensures that no confidential information can be discussed without your knowledge.

  3. The leader goes through the same procedure and enters the leader code to start the conference call. Everyone on hold is immediately connected and the meeting can begin. 

Financially attractive

  • No subscription charges, regardless of how many separate accounts you have.
  • You pay only for the minutes you use.
  • Fully specified invoicing, with costs per participant and per meeting.
  • Local access dial-in for 14 countries at no additional charge.


  • Teleconferencing service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No prior reservation required.
  • Customer Service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Local dial-in from all locations worldwide during conference calls.
  • Full integration: audio & web conferencing managed via a single portal.
  • New accounts can be created online, quickly and easily.
  • Full integration with Outlook, Lotus Notes, BlackBerry, Windows Mobile and Apple iPhone.
  • Meetings can be recorded and played back later.

No obligation

  • No contract required.
  • You can discontinue using the service at any time.