A business conference call using Skype? Think twice!

If you’re looking for the easiest way of making conference calls, you may be tempted to opt for the familiar. Your first thought will be to hold your extremely important business meeting using Skype. Please think again.

At Pro Conference, we think that you would be doing yourself – and your business partners – a serious disservice. Allow us to explain.

1. Required software

Unlike our service, Skype requires special software to be installed on all participants’ computers before your call can even begin. This means that you – or a member of your staff – will spend valuable time making the necessary preparations. Time is money. Pro Conference allows you to begin your conference call almost immediately, without any special software or hardware modifications. All you need is the leader code and participant PIN we send you.

2. Your customer has to work for you

Another disadvantage of Skype is that your contacts must set up their own user accounts. Certain types of conference calls can only be made with a business account, for which Skype charges a monthly fee. This means that you have to notify customers well in advance and give them time to make the necessary arrangements. In effect, you are asking them to give up their time for your business, and perhaps even to pay for the privilege of doing business with you. When you use Pro Conference, they need only dial a (Free Phone) number and enter a PIN code.

3. How cheap is free?

You want your organisation to project a professional image, even if you are trying to reduce costs expenses by conducting some business via conference calls. Everyone knows that Skype is a free service, which may lead your customers to wonder what other economy measures you have put in place. Obviously, you do not wish to come across as ‘cheap’ but neither do you want to pay over the odds. Pro Conference provides a full-service package at extremely competitive prices, allowing you to maintain a professional image and keep costs in check.