Conference calls without any obligations!

If you wish to organise business conference calls at extremely competitive charges, and without contracts, subscriptions or long-winded registration procedures, Pro Conference is for you. 


You can set up one or more accounts in just a few easy steps. You will then receive an email with the necessary PIN codes, which can be used immediately. The codes do not expire, they remain exclusive to you and can be used 24/7. You can set up personal accounts for any number of people, free of charge and without subscriptions.

Conference Calls

You need a platform that can support you, get your team together - wherever they are and to help you make the right decisions for your organisation. There is no better, more effective way than our services to create fast, reliable and professional solutions for any meeting type.

Conference Call with Skype 

In many things in life, the expression of "You get exactly what you pay for" is true in this case or in this service as well - this is not a business grade platform. It has no quality guarantee's, no real time support, no phone numbers to join and offers very limited call capabilities for users.

Web Conference

Web conferencing is emerging as the must have communications tool on their desktop, tablet and phones in order to stay connected, in touch and available for their business: customers, prospects and team members. You can choose how you wish to manage your meetings from any device.


Why try and fix something that is not broken? This is Pro Conferences view as well. Some times a simple teleconference is all you need to move something along. A quick touch base, 10 minute call with your colleagues to make sure actions are on track for example. It's simpler just to jump on a quick call, rather than an often complex face to face meeting.

Event Call

Pro Conference understands that often the type of calls you are having may not be large or complex but simply have to go 100% right every time. The quarterly announcement to the market, the all hands monthly exec call or the critical M&A briefing for your business. Pro Conference manages them all seamlessly as if we were an extension of your audio visual team.